GTC 2020: Power Intelligent Video Analytics with NVIDIA AI and Virtual Compute Server

GTC 2020 S21407
Presenters: Eric Kana,NVIDIA; J. David ‘TUBA’ Britt, PMP,ManTech
Intelligent video analytics is growing as cameras become ubiquitous. Video analytics can provide meaningful insight to help city officials, retail stores, and other entities. However, security and isolation of these streams is becoming a common concern for enterprise IT. We’ll explain how virtualization using NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server software with vGPU technology provides a cost- and operational-efficient solution that offers multi-tenancy and mixed workload options, on top of securing workloads and user isolation. A virtualized environment harnessing the power of NVIDIA GPUs can provide flexibility for users to run AI and deep learning workloads for their video analytics in a highly performing and secure environment.

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