GTC 2020: Using AI Algorithms to Help Battle the Global Wildfire Crisis

GTC 2020 S22405
Presenters: Jacci Cenci-McGrody,NVIDIA ; Douglas O’Flaherty,IBM; Bogdan Pugach,AeroVironment, Inc.; Eric Rowell,Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy
Building an AI pipeline is emerging as a critical need across many industries and applications. See and learn how this is being applied when building a smoke detection model using UAS Video Imagery for Prescribed Fire Management. Drones or unmanned aerial systems are likely to be one of the next big changes in fire service and many other use cases. Learn about building a collaborative AI data pipeline to address:

• Thermal imaging for hot spots, structural or large commercial fires, natural disaster response;
• Applied AI through the lens of seeing how hazard reduction happens through fire authorities, national park staff, and business individual property owners who are using AI to battle the global wildfire crisis;
• Algorithms, and how they are deployed to fight future wildfires; and
• Smoke detection in UAS Video Imagery for Prescribed Fire Management.

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