GTC Isaac ROS updates?

Unfortunately was not able to attend GTC in-person but was excited to hear what’s new or coming in the Isaac ROS stack. A bunch of updates were even hinted at in recent office hours. I saw some announcements for new, coming-soon commercial offerings (Perceptor, Manipulator) but that’s about it. Am I missing other updates?

Hi! Coming soon to Isaac ROS 3.0:

  • cuMotion for Robot Manipulation: Discover NVIDIA CUDA-accelerated path planning for robotic arm-related tasks such as collision detection using robot masking and integrated trajectory optimization using the MoveIt motion-planning framework.
  • Foundation Pose: Introducing our state-of-the-art foundational model for 6D pose estimation to detect novel objects. Developers can use this model to build applications that encounter prior unseen objects.
  • Multi-Camera Visual Inertial Odometry: This advanced solution allows for smarter localization for robots. They can quickly and accurately maintain knowledge of their position while accurately detecting and avoiding obstacles.

Find more information in the Isaac ROS release notes.

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