GTK#/OpenTK applications are invisible using 378.13

Using the latest NVIDIA drivers available for Ubuntu (378.13-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.3), C# programs (using OpenTK to interface with the native OpenGL API) with OpenGL contexts are not rendered at all. The window is created and can be interacted with, but is not visible. All window widgets function as expected (save for not being visible). A screenshot of JetBrains Rider with the program running in Debug mode has been included - its taskbar icon is visible to the left.

Previous versions of the driver did not have these issues. Instead, the depth buffer was never used for fragment culling, despite containing valid buffer data. This issue was reported to the OpenTK project (since it appeared after transitioning to OpenTK.Next from an obsolete version of OpenTK), and was determined to originate in the NVIDIA drivers since neither AMD or Intel graphics were affected. This issue is available here:

A minimal example program is available at - the GTK3 version is the functional one which exhibits the problems. The GTK2 version is a deprecated, non-functional version.

It has been tested on a recent Mono version (>=, GTK#3 (>= 2.99.3-2) and OpenTK.Next (>= 1.2.2336.6514-pre) under the provided system specifications (see below).

The program should run under both Linux, Windows and Mac provided that the GTK#3 runtime is installed, which can be downloaded (for Windows) here:

The complete systems specifications of the machine that exhibits these issues are available here:

I can be reached by email on, should any further information be needed.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (246 KB)