GTS 250M


Does anyone know the Compute Capability of GTS250M?
According to this article (, it is based on the GTX200 series; does it mean it is of CC 1.3?
The reason behind my question is:
I need double precision, which is available in my desktop PC, and would like to be able to use Nexus for debugging. The second PC will be my, yet to be chosen, laptop. I am concerned that if the CC levels of the chips on both platforms don’t match, a whole new set of problems might arise.


No. As someone pointed out in your other thread, the GTS 230M/240M/250M/260M are all compute 1.2 devices. To the best of my knowledge, there is no current or announced compute 1.3 mobile part.

Thanks for the reply.
Will the CC mismatch be a problem when debugging a kernel using doubles via Nexus?

Sorry, can’t help you with that one.