GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q and OpenCL


I would like to know whether the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q (laptop optimized) is able to deal with OpenCL instructions.

I have got a Dell XPS 9570 with Intel iGPU and this nvidia dGPU and would like to boost my darktable experience. Darktable is an open-source photo development software, whose code is written to be boosted with openCL instructions.

My first attempt to use that did not succeed, as darktable did not see an openCL platform. I don’t know if i have to find another driver, or if this GPU is not able to do that.

On nvidia website I can see that “normal” GTX 1050 for desktop is CUDA and OpenCL-able, but there is no such info for GTX 1050 Ti for laptop.

Thanks for your help,


Yes, all NVIDIA discrete GPUs produced since about 2008 are capable of running either CUDA or OpenCL.

OK, thank you very much for your quick answer. The website is not so clear on this point.

Do you know if there is nvidia driver on Linux to use CUDA/OpenCL abilities, on a “Optimus” Laptop ? I have an intel iGPU and this nividia 1050 Ti dGPU. I would like to use iGPU for display as I don’t play games, but to launch some software with OpenCL on the nvidia dGPU.


Its the standard nvidia driver - it supports graphics, cuda, opencl, all at the same time.

Installing and using a dGPU on a optimus laptop on linux can be somewhat more involved than on a regular desktop system. There are plenty of articles about it and also questions about it on these forums, especially the CUDA setup and installation forum. If you google for e.g. “nvidia optimus prime” you will find lots of discussions about it.

OK, thank you.

Actually I already could see that dGPU on an optimus laptop is “more involved” ! I will go ahead with CUDA installation on this forum. I understand that if CUDA works, then OpenCL works, as far as nivida GPU are involved.