GTX 1080 FE fan revving fix ETA?

Hi Linux driver team,
will the next driver release include the fix for the rapid changes in fan speed that’s already in the Windows version 368.39? And do you have a rough idea when it’s going to be released?


Appears to be fixed in 367.27.


Can anyone confirm that this is actually fixed with the latest Linux driver? Maybe even an official word … that would be most awesome. :-)

I am building a new machine (as my one old one broke down) and I ordered the 1080 FE as I had no other choice (I need the machine for my daily work asap again) and also did not know about the fan issue before-hand. And since Linux is my main Desktop, I would have to look for an alternative card if this still is an issue (and will continue to be) on Linux.

Last but not least: Has any reasonable explanation surfaced on the root cause of the issue and what the fix actually does?


I’m having a revving issue in both Windows and Linux. My GPU is revving to 30% every 15 seconds or so. I can’t find any rhyme or reason. Temps look good, can’t find anything in logs etc.

Kernel 4.6.3-300.fc24.x86_64
NVIDIA Driver: Version 367.27
VBIOS Version: 86.04.1e.00.78