GTX 1080 temperature and clock issues under most DEs [384.98]

Hi, I know this might be a duplicate, but I guess this problem deserves an update.

I’ve been using the GTX 1080 since it was released and I still can’t figure out how to make it bearable for everyday use; using any desktop environment (except barebones window managers, like dwm) even if I launch firefox or just alt+tab (cinnamon), the gpu clock spikes up to 1683 Mhz and stays there for quite some time. This wouldn’t be an issues but it always precisely heats up to 62 C and the fans start. Is there any update or trick to avoid this besides watercooling?
If I’m not mistaken this issues has been unsolved since 2016, I’ve used several 1070s and 1080s since then and still haven’t found a solution for this on (average) air cooling. For the record, under Windows 10 my card idles around 40 C (compared to 50 C under Linux) and the clockspeed doesn’t spike up for simple tasks.

I’d like to ask if there’s a solution for this currently or can we expect it to be fixed at all.


This has been known for ages and NVIDIA seemingly doesn’t care: