GTX 1650 blank screen using nvidia drivers with DisplayPort KVM on Ubuntu 21.10

I’m having a blank screen issue on Ubuntu 21.10 with a GTX 1650.

I’ve tried the nvidia-driver-470 and nvidia-driver-495 packages, both from the distro and the graphics-drivers PPA.

This setup worked previously with an earlier version of nvidia-driver-470 or possibly 460, but I can’t remember the exact version that worked. I’m currently on version 495.46.

If I connect the display to the DisplayPort output via a KVM, I get a blank screen at startup. If I connect the display directly without the KVM, it works.

However, I don’t think the KVM is the issue, because it works using the nouveau driver with the KVM, and I’ve tested the KVM with nvidia cards on other computers.

This is the bug report with the display connected via KVM: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (295.1 KB)

This is the bug report without the KVM (i.e. the working setup): nokvm_nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (280.1 KB)

I’ve tried changing the nvidia-drm.modeset parameter in /etc/default/grub and it didn’t help. I’m not sure if I should be blacklisting nouveau or not.

Thanks for reading, I’d appreciate any suggestions.

The nvidia driver is very finicky and problematic when it comes to (DisplayPort-)KVM-switches. According to the logs, in the non-working case the monitor is correctly identified and set up, no visible difference from the working case.
Which exact KVM-switch model are you using?

Thanks for the reply. The KVM switch is a StarTech SV211DPUA4K.

FWIW the other computer connected to the switch is also running Ubuntu 21.10 with nvidia-driver-470 and it works. That computer has a GTX 970. I did swap the cards between the computers without changing the drivers and the issue followed the card, so I think it’s related to the GTX 1650 somehow.

Does anyone know if there’s another KVM switch I could try? I’m stuck with the nouveau driver otherwise.