GTX 1660 fails after CUDA installation

Hi, I have a GTX 1660 in my PC. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 and found the system cannot use high resolution, which is solved after installing using sudo apt-get install nvidia-430.

Then I installed CUDA 9.0. I see from the shell that it removes nvidia-430 and installed nvidia 384 instead.

Then I rebooted, and the system now cannot login. After I entered the correct password, the system goes back to login session, and this keeps looping on. So essentially I cannot log in.

I am wondering if this is because CUDA 9 is not compatible with GTX 1660. Or maybe I should not install nvidia-430.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Two problems:

  1. by installing the full cuda bundle, you overwrote the already installed driver with an older incompatible driver
  2. CUDA 9 is incompatible with Turing gpus.

So purge everything nvidia and cuda and begin anew:

  • install the nvidia driver from Ubuntu repo
  • download the cuda 10.2 .deb
  • add the repo to your system (first three steps from install instructions on download page)
  • don’t install cuda
  • instead, run sudo apt install cuda-toolkit-10-2
  • set PATH variable if necessary
  • have nvidia-persistenced start on boot and make sure it is continuously running

Ahh thank you so much for the reply! I did not do install cuda and everything works fine. Thank you!