GTX 1660Ti Cuda error 715:an illegal instruction was encountered

I ran programme at ubuntu16.04 with cuda10.1, nvidia driver430.09 and GTX 1660Ti, but met an error ‘cudaSafeCall() Runtime API error 715: an illegal instruction was encountered’.
Then i found the meaning of error 715(cudaErrorIllegalInstruction) at I don’t know what it is.
Later i used cuda-gdb to debug my programme, it showed that ‘Thread received signal CUDA_EXCEPTION_4, Wrap Illegal Instruction’. Some errors occured during warp.
I found a solution at It means that some compatible problems between GTX1660 Ti and cuda10.1 or nvidia driver.

How to solve this 715 error at GTX1660Ti?

An illegal instruction could be a problem with your code, such as hitting a kernel timeout, or incorrect use of function pointers.

And it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try the latest CUDA 10.2 that has just been released.

i got this error in vray for sketch up… i reinstalled the graphics driver (clean install) and restarted my pc.issue solved.