gtx 260 downclock

My gtx260 gets thrown into 2d mode permanently if my CUDA kernel makes an illegal memory access. Thus I either have to reboot or live with 300/100 clock speeds, though if I crank up Windows Media Player the card will spool up to the mid-tier 3d mode (not performance mode). I am familiar with Rivatuner, and Nvidia control panel and such. this seems like buggy driver behavior. Anyone have any insight on these issues?

edit: fixed with 177.79 driver release on 7/25 from eVGA site. Now I don’t have to concern myself with writing code that works.

It is still a good idea to reboot. On numerous occasions, I’ve had cases were kernels with illegal memory accesses. I fix the bug, and I still get random “unspecified launch failures” even with known bug free code. A reboot usually solves this problem.