GTX 295 - beta 190.38 - dual CUDA devices

I’m using the latest beta driver with a GTX 295. 190.38
Using Vista 64bit…

For the first time, Boinc finds both CUDA devices and uses them. (GPUGRID)
I am not using any special plug and I have not changed anything in the nVidia control panel to turn off PhysX or multi-GPU.

Has anyone tried this new driver to see if F@H or other projects will now find two cuda devices with dual cards?

I don’t recall this happening before, and I’m wondering if it was something I did…
I used ‘windows mode’ while playing Left4Dead to see what that looked like.
Then went back to full screen mode, played another game, got out, fired up Boinc and noticed two CUDA devices found and being used now.
I have not rebooted the computer to find out if the video card would reset itself.

Thought one of you could do some experiments to confirm my findings, or perhaps you already have.

CUDA 2.3 (which means an R190 driver) allows devices that use SLI to be enumerated individually, so yeah, you can use both GPUs in your SLI-enabled 295 for CUDA work now.

Excellent news!
Thank you.