GTX 295 with cuda 2.3 only 1 device supporting CUDA

I have a GTX 295. Only one CUDA device is detected by the DeviceQuery test program from the SDK… (and by any other…) There is no SLI option in the nvidia control pannel that could be turned on and off, and, anyway, CUDA 2.3 is supposed to deal with SLI now ?

NVidia Drivers versions : 196.21

any idea ?

I do not have Windows XP, but Windows Vista and it is working correctly (2 devices, multi-gpu on).
Try to reinstall drivers.

Thanks for the answer. Actually, I allready tried multiple drivers…

Go to the control panel, system info and take a look if there are 2 graphics cards and take a look at device manager if there are 2 graphics cards.

You should have in nvidia control panel possibility to activate/deactivate multi-gpu.

Only one device appears in system info, thus no multiGPU option is proposed in the control pannel. I am going to try with another GTX 295.

It seems that your GTX295 may be broken or if you have dual pcb card, maybe internal sli bridge is disconnected.

For cuda calculations you may want to have multi-gpu disabled because in multi-gpu video memory is “unioned” whereas for playing computer games you want usually multi-gpu on to have decent framerate :-)

I noticed that on Vista if multi gpu is disabled only 1 device is reported for GTX295. This is bad.