GTX 460 driver failing to initialize on XP Prof. 64 bit

On my system the nVidia driver fails to initialize the GTX 460 card. Device manager
shows a yellow exclamation mark and reports “device cannot be started (code 10)”

Gainward GTX 460 1GB Golden Sample
Windows XP Prof. 64bit US English with German MUI Pack
nVidia driver 258.96
Mainboard Asrock 4Core Dual Sata 2
CPU Intel Q6600

both 6pin PCI power connectors are attached to the GPU board.

Is this a common problem on WinXp 64bit?

The mainboard is pretty old age, the PCI-x slot only has 4 active lanes.
Too bad, I had intended to use this as a development box.


I just swapped out the PSU (the older one’s fan was rattling obnoxiously anyway).

But no improvement about the driver situation.

Make sure you have the 6 pin adapters hooked up to two diff molex power cables comming from PSU, and not all hooked on a same single line power cable…and good luck…CHEERS

Double and triple check that your driver really installed. You listed 258.96, which is the right driver, but if it was misinstalled or failed during installation and you didn’t notice, you may still be running an old one.

I only stress this because the “device cannot be started” is a message you can get when a driver finds unsupported hardware, and that fits your symptoms.

Hi Christian, You are not alone! On my system, device manager also shows error code 10

My sys spec:
Galaxy GTX 460 1GB
OS attempts:
old Windows XP Prof. 32bit repaired by XP CD
fresh Windows XP Prof. 32bit installation from scratch
driver attempts:
driver from CD goes with the card
nVidia driver 258.96 from nvidia website
Mainboard Asrock 775 Dual-VSTA (PCI-x slot only has 4 active lanes)
mainboard BIOS attempts:
3.10 (official)
3.19a (beta)
CPU Core2Duo E6300
2GB DDR2 667 RAM
550W Coolermaster PSU
(All above attempts failed and the card never works with 3D)

For old XP repaired by CD, I got error code 1 instead of 10. In that case, driver installtion process was completed without issue. But every time after reboot Windows find the card again and again, asking for driver installation.

So it is not a problem with 64bit WinXp.

Both of us have Asrock mainboards!!!

So finally buying cheap got to bite us.

Answer from Asrock support:

Please adjust “PCIE Downstream Pipeline" to [Disable] in BIOS chipset page.

And also “PCIE VC1 Request Queue" set to [Disable] in BIOS chipset page to

try again.

If get "!" or "?" in device manage, please reinstall Nvidia 258.96 to try.

Download link: 

[/quote ]

will try tomorrow. If this really works, I’m a happy camper.