GTX 460 + Nsight 5.0 can't debug kernel code


VGA: GTX 460
CUDA: 8.0
Visual Studio 2015
Nvidia driver: 372.70

I’ve tried to debug my kernel but nsight says:
A CUDA context was created on a GPU that is not currently debuggable. Breakpoints will be disabled.

As I know until Nsight still supports the GTX 460 card until version 5.0.
As far as I remember in the past, I could debug device codes with the card. Is it possible yet? Should I set something in NSight or Visual Studio?

Regards, L

Hi Yodafon,

Did you update the cuda? I’m not sure if nsight 5.0 can debug the cuda 8.0 code on Fermi cards.

Best Regards

What do you mean: “updated”?
First I’ve installed Cuda 8.0 with Nsight 5.2 but unfortunatelly this Nsight version doesn’t support Fermi cards anymore so I went back to Nsight 5.0.
Do you say that I should use CUDA 7.5 or 7.0?

Yeah, this is what I mean, actually we never test the cuda8.0 + nsight 5.0 + fermi, AFAIK nsight 5.0 only supports cuda 7.5

Nsight 5.2 doesn’t support Fermi
Nsight 5.0 does.
Cuda 8.0 doesn’t support Nsight 5.0
Cuda 7.5 does.
Cuda 7.5 doesn’t support Visual Studio 2015
Cuda 8.0 does.

So what can I do if I want to use Visual Studio 2015 with Fermi card and kernel debug? :D

Looks like it’s a dead end, :-( , the easiest way is using old version of visual studio like 2013,2012, sorry to inconvenience you

yeah I’ve reverted to VS 2013, Cuda 7.5 and nsight 5.0.

For learning and ~1 TFlops this is enough. I will buy a gtx 1070 if I have more knowledge :V :D