GTX 480 two and three way SLI Low Performance improvements.

The benchmark in MetroLL was my real eye opener of the change on 1 vs 2 cards.

SLI seems to make my frame rate unstable, it makes me have higher and lower frame rates than 1 card. in game it makes everything look choppy. running my gtx 480 at 870mhz core seems to be way better then 3 way sli, and 2way seems worse than 1 card stock clock. is there something im doing wrong? becase to way has been tested on 2 pc’s and the cards swapped out with same result. im running most update driver, sli is enabled. and i have tried this on 7 x64 and vista x64

This is a CUDA programming forum for developers. You’ll likely have better response by posting your question in one of the forums associated with gaming or SLI