Gtx 560 Vs. Gtx 560 Ti

Time for a new card.

For my budget, around $200 - It seems like the GTX 560 provides a lot of “bang for the buck”. However, I see two version, the regular, and one with the “ti”. The difference isn’t clear. Can someone enlighten me?


The standard 560 only has 336 CUDA cores whereas the Ti has 384 and is a decent bit faster. There is also a 560Ti-448 which has 448 cores and is based on the 570 GPU. All 3 have pretty good performance for their price range. I have owned both the standard Ti and now the Ti-448 and must say you won’t be disappointed in either one. I have not used the standard 560 but most games should run really well at 1080p with near maxed settings.