GTX 580 - 375.20 - Suspending doesn't work with Wayland compositors


when I use GNOME 3.22 with Mutter from Git built with --enable-egl-device and suspend my PC I can’t wake it back up. When I wake it up the fans start up the monitor stays black and after 2-3 seconds the PC gives up and does a regular reboot. I tried the same with Weston with EGLStreams support and here the PC does resume, but the display image is complete static random noise with no mouse pointer or anything making it unusable. In the Xorg session the PC suspends and resumes just fine, sometimes the wallpaper is scrambled, but just applying again fixes it and everything else works fine. Attached is the bug report from the resumed weston session, because I can’t generate a bug report when the PC doesn’t fully resume. When I look through the last log with “journalctl -b -1” the last message is simply “Suspending machine”. I don’t know if this is related, but on Wayland the monitor also doesn’t enter Standby Mode, when I lock the session. It goes black, but is still on and I can’t wake it back up. I reported that for the EGLStreams patchset for mutter here:

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (97.3 KB)

For the benefit of others here who know more about this than I do, what are your detailed system specs?

OS version?


That’s in the autogenerated bug report.