GTX 580 - 375.20 - weston-simple-egl reports 42000 FPS doesn't render anything


I’m using Arch Linux with the 4.8.8 Linux Kernel with CONFIG_HARDNED_USERCOPY disabled, because of the bug mentioned in this thread [1] which is not yet fixed in this release. When I run weston-simple-egl in weston with EGLStreams/EGLDevice support the rotating triangle doesn’t show up, but the application prints out that it puts out an obscene framerate. When I use GNOME 3.22 with Mutter built from the latest commit, which has EGLStreams support, the triangle also doesn’t show up, but I get a different output “wl_surface@9: error 2: Failed to create a texture for surface 9: Unknown buffer type”. It also doesn’t report a framerate every 5 seconds in this case.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (107 KB)

This is still broken in 375.26,but instead of not showing anything and pretending to render 20000 FPS it fails to initialize EGL as with many previous driver releases: