GTX 750 Ti Blank Screen On Xen 4

Hi All,
I have posted a thread on CUDA 7 not working on Xen, but I think the main problem is that my graphics card never worked on xen environment.
Simply put, My card just goes blank screen during boot with Xen hypervisor.
I can still ssh into the system, and do lspci, nvidia-smi, and nvcc -V. But the fact X doesn’t work means something very wrong.
A few people has reported this issue here: However, there seems no solution to it.
Anyone has had similiar issues on Xen ? Still, any pointer will be appreciated.


The NVIDIA linux driver does not work under Xen (Xen dom0 PV). I already explained this to you, and it is also stated by sandipt in the forum thread you linked.

You can still ssh into the system. A non-functional graphics driver does not prevent that. It just prevents X from working correctly.

It seems fairly clear that others have had a similar issue on Xen, since you linked to a whole thread of people reporting the issue.

rite, I guess I will try the hack suggested in the thread,


Hopefully it solves my problem, following your note:

Apparently it also prevent CUDA from working as I have a Xen server without any VM configured.
I think PV or HVM only matters when I want to do pass through?

@txbob, oh I see what you meant… In short… the NVIDIA linux driver does not work under xen… I tried that IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE thingy, apparently it doesn;t work with latest driver… Very thankful for your help

Hm… just out of curiosity, would OpenCL on AMD card work in Xen Dom0? if you happen to know?