GTX 860M CUDA Compute Capability

Hello all,

I’m a little confused about the compute capability for the GTX 860M.

In the table obtained from, under “CUDA-Enabled GeForce and TITAN Products,” there are two values for this card, 3.0 and 5.0, and a double asterisk referring to some information that’s not on the page. Does anyone here know what that piece of information would be? Right now TensorFlow is telling me that my 860M’s compute capability of 3.0 is too low and I’m wondering if there’s a way to “make” it 5.0.


The compute capability of your device cannot be changed in any way by software or hardware.

Some GPU products have multiple versions (i.e. were manufactured with multiple versions).

It may still be possible to use TF with a cc3.0 device if you build TF from sources.

@agrtgrape. Hi, Did you solve the problem and able to install the TF?