GTX 950 with two screens recognized, but video only on one

The system is described in the attached nvidia-bug-report.log.gz, but briefly it is an i5, 32GB memory, lots of disk, running fedora 19 and a GTX 950 bought yesterday. I have installed. The two monitors attached are an Acer K272HUL and an ASUS PB 282, both are 2760x1440 and connected by displayport. The bug report was created after restarting the X server (startx – -logverbose 6) and running then running nvidia-bugreport.

I can’t find any interesting differences in what nvidia-settings displays, except perhaps under GPU 0 and selecting each listed monitor and clicking on the Information tab. The acer always shows 4 or 5 lanes @ 540 Gbps and the asus always shows 4 lanes @ 2.70 Gbps.

When X starts, both screens are recognized and configured by the x server and nvideo-settings, but the Acer never gets a video signal and remains in power-saver mode. For a brief period, I can coax it into life by

  1. unplugging the asus DP (display port)
  2. moving the acer DP to the one that was used by the asus. At this point the acer gets a video signal
  3. plugging the asus DP into the one that the acer was on. Usually both screens will then have video, but there will be a very brief flicker in the acer every 10-20 seconds, and after a minute or so, the acer will turn off.

I also have a stack of old Quadro NVS 295 cards with two DP ports. All of these work with both screens active, but very slowly in comparison.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (137 KB)

With the legacy 340 driver installed, of course.