GTX 970 How can I fix stuttering on edges, and flickering ambient occlusion.

I have a gtx 970 which I am using for development in Unreal Engine 4.10.2. In any scene, when i rotate the camera view, I see stuttering on corners and edges, and flickering in the ambient occlusion.

I have tested in the Heaven Unigine benchmark and i see the same flickering on all the buildings.

See this video for an example of what I mean:

The front edge of the cube stutters as I pass it, and the AO in the corner flickers madly. This is a new project, default setting, with only three cubes in it. The fps stays solid at 62.

Also, this one:

In a different scene, watch the AO behind the bookshelf.

It is as if there is a frame lag of some kind, but i cannot figure it out. I have tried adjusting every nvidia setting, locking the fps and every project setting that I can find.
Surely i should be able to get a smooth motion here? Any tips or ideas greatly appreciated!