Gtx 980ti can not Start cuda Debugging

Gtx 980Ti,I installed Cuda 7.08.but i can not Start Cuda Debugging on vs2012.
my graphics driver is 353.30.Cuda 7.08 contains graphics driver which is 347.52.i think my driver is i want to reinstall my driver.but 980ti not support 347.52. who can help me.the newest graphics card. i can not Start Cuda Debugging

who can send my problem to the Nvidia Corporation

What happens when you start debugging? Do the CUDA sample apps run fine, you just can’t run them inside the debugger?

You can file bug reports using the bug reporting form linked from the CUDA registered developer website. However, your are most likely just facing some sort of configuration issue, not an actual bug in NVIDIA’s software.

The CUDA installation allows you to keep the existing driver, rather than installing the driver inside the CUDA installer. This feature exists specifically for your scenario where you already have a driver installed that is newer than is required by the CUDA version you want to install.

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