GTX-Titan Black Replacements


My group heavily uses the GTX-Titan black because of its high double precision performance. We are finding this cards more difficult to come by – one vendor has said they no longer make them. Is this true and if so, when will this card be replaced with another of comparable double precision support?


AFAIK GTX titan (or Black and Z variants) is the most performant double precision board in consumer segment atm. They started to go out of trend now, but you still can buy them on amazon and similar distributors. Also due to many people upgrading their gfx cards, many sell their old titans these days.

You can always by teslas, but they cost quite a bit more $$$.

I hope nvidia releases something with decent DP performance for consumer segment in the future.


Correct me if I am wrong, but a GTX-Titan Black is the fastest DP card NVIDIA has that takes a single slot.

Depends on what you count as “slot”

Check here:

Says 2-slot for titan black (and others)

Teslas stlightly outperform titans according to AnandTech

That is correct. Teslas are usually clocked slightly lower than the highest end consumer cards to guarantee flawless operation in 24/7 operating conditions. For institutions running large clusters stability is a must-have.

If you require only single precision, Titan X is a bit faster:

Titan Black: 2880 CUDA cores x (889 … 980) MHz = 5.12 … 5.65 TFLOPS single-precision
Titan X: 3072 CUDA cores x (1000 … 1075) MHz = 6.14 … 6.60 TFLOPS single-precision

[later:] Seems like I answered late because I failed to refresh. I misread the question to refer to a “single GPU” rather than a “single slot” card. Tesla K80 is a dual-GPU card.

The dual-gpu EVGA Titan-Z is still available on Newegg for $1,599.00 .
I think for that level of DP performance that is a good bargain.

Does anybody out there have one of these, and if so was it worth the money?

Titan-Z takes up 3 slots, not 2 – I misspoke earlier.

There is no card that is no bigger than 2 slots that outdoes the Titan Black on double precision (which is a must have). Is this incorrect?

K80 is 2-slot and has higher aggregate DP performance than Titan Black.

K80 is ~2.9TF (peak aggregate DP throughput at maximum boost)

Titan Black is ~1.9TF (peak DP throughput at maximum boost)

note that peak DP throughput at maximum boost is generally not sustainable (on either card). So these numbers are just for relative comparison. K80, like titan-Z, achieves its “aggregate” performance via the contribution of 2 GPUs. K80 is also only available in a variant that is intended to be used in a qualified server platform. It is relatively less suitable to “build-your-own” solutions or use in an arbitrary workstation or PC.

I don’t believe there is a single CUDA GPU solution that outdoes Titan Black on DP, at this time.

Titan-Z of course does outperform Titan Black in aggregate, and I suspect it may outperform K80 in some cases as well, but it is a 3-slot solution (and dual GPU).

Thanks and great explanation (have an upvote).

Any rumors on when a card like the Titan Black will be on the market again? For DP users, I can’t believe NVIDIA would quit making these cards. We need a bunch more!

Well, they’re making half-precision cards…