GTX1060 loose of sync @144hz with Youtube

Using v. 465, and less frequent with 460 on Ubuntu 21.04 with Xiaomi Curved Gaming monitor at 3440x1440@144hz I’ve loose of sync when any browser is open on Youtube site. Tried Chrome, Vivaldi and Firefox.

Rather than I play a video or not, if the Youtube website is open, I’ve a loose of sync and 3-4 secs blank screen during resync time. It stops if I close any youtube tab on the open browser.
The loose of sync is also @120hz.
I’ve to lower to 100hz to stop this problem.
Tried different cables, but normally I use the DP cable provided with the monitor.

It happens with or without Freesync function flagged on the monitor.

No problem on Windows 10.

Card is KFA2 GTX1060 3GB.
The machine a Ryzen 7-3700X on Asus TUF B450M-Pro mainboard with 32GB Crucial 2666Mhz ram and Sabret Rocket Q M.2 SSD.

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