GTX1080 crash, after reboot for crashing in windows 10, must poweroff

I am not sure whether it is the windows application making the graphics card into a wrong state.
When I play some recently 3D games at the windows, the screen would turn off, the fan of graphics card is running loudly(at full speed), I must use the remote console(ssh server of the windows 10) to restart the system.
I don’t meet problem at booting time, the screen and the fan are normal. But I meet problem when the X server is starting.
Reboot won’t work, I must do a poweroff then cool startup. Even reboot at the Linux won’t work. I must order a poweroff(the power adapter won’t be cut off).
Here is the bug reports achieve:

How is this bug related to Linux? This looks like a hardware failure.

OK, let me move it to a better subject.