GTX1080Ti crash under Ubunu 14.04


We are developing over Ubuntu 14.04 based on the new GTX1080Ti.
We have experienced unexplained crashes (computer reboots without warning) while running our application,
using the 1080Ti with CUDA/CUDNN/CAFFE on Ubuntu Linux 64bit 14.04.
We are using driver version 381.09.

When changing the card to GTX1070 / GTX1080 / TitanX all i working fine.

It seems like a driver bug. Where should I start here? Any log under Ubuntu i can post here to give more

information? May you please help me locate such?

It might also be a power supply issue or a HW problem with the 1080Ti card itself.

You could also see if there are any reports in the system log (dmesg | grep NVRM)

I doubt that it would be a power supply issue. More likely HW problem with the 1080TI.
All Titans AFAIK are 250W TDP which is the same as the 1080TI’s TDP.
While @Yrn didn’t specify which Titan they are using, at least they are all 250W TDP.
(Except the Titan Z which imo shouldn’t count.)

The 250W TDP number doesn’t characterize the dynamic behavior. It’s possible for a 250W TDP GPU to have dynamic transients that exceed 250W instantaneous power draw. For this reason, its recommended to have a good PSU and also to have a PSU that has more than the minimum necessary power for the system.

Two cards that have the same 250W TDP spec may have different transient behavior, and this behavior can interact with PSUs that are incapable of handling certain transient demands. For a PSU that is marginal, it’s even possible for two cards of the same type to demonstrate different behavior, as the power draw for GPUs are not all identical, even when considering GPUs of the same type and manufacturer’s model.

It looks a lot more like a marginal PSU issue to me than a defective card, although I acknowledge both are possible along with other possibilities, I’m sure.

Fair points. I’m not sure if this was suggested in this post but, I generally strive for (CPU & GPU) rated TDP to be ~60% of the PSU’s overall TDP. This lets you sit in the sweet spot of efficiency.

Hopefully Yrn can get back to us regarding their PSU situation. I also hope that it isn’t some Dell/HP power supply that they are putting higher rated TDP GPUs into…