GTX280 as a second (3rd?) GPU in a workstation?


I am new to CUDA. I’m using a single FX4800 card on a CAD system (dual Xeon 5560, intel MB, Vista64/CentOs) I have 2 extra ~GPU slots for (1 x16 and 1 x8) and I wonder if I could add stream processors using a GTX2xx … Is this at all possible? Would Vista allow me to run two different drivers? How about Win7? I imagine I could add an FX3800 but I’d like to give it a try first using the most cost effective option.



If NVIDIA makes all the cards (and the FX4800 is not very old), then it uses the same driver, and everything is happy. You should check to make sure your power supply can handle the load of additional GTX 280 cards, and has the appropriate power plugs. (GTX 285 draws less power with the same performance, so you should look there.)