GTX570 OpenGL 3.3 needed for photo software. 570 has 4.1. GPU not processing.

Hello. Getting an error re-installing a GTX570. Old Asus P8p67 Deluxe MB Win7 16 GB. GPU card in PCI Express 2.0. Photo graphics software gives error - need minimum OpenGL 3.3 support. Card has 4.1. Customer Service suggested opening Nidia Control Panel to gain access to adjustment screens. Their instructions were - 1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel( Right click on desktop and you will find an option NVIDIA Control Panel, please click on it) --> Manage 3D settings. 2. Go to Global Settings tab and scroll to the section Open GL rendering GPU and select NVIDIA graphics card. 3. click apply and close the control panel. 4. check if the error persist. However, panel can not be opened and crashes. Recommended refer here. Can you assist? Thanks, Frank

Re-install GPU driver.