GTX590 how many can be used How Many GTX590 will CUDA use


I’ve been scouring the web trying to determine how many GTX590’s CUDA will use and recognize.
In this application I will be using Win7 64.
The M/B will handle three GPU cards (it has an NF200).
Will Win7 even boot with three GTX590s?
If so then can CUDA use all 6 GPUs (2 per card)?
This is theory should result in an impressive ~6 TFLOPS of SP performance.

Aside from the power and thermal issues will three GTX590’s work?
The three GTX590’s should use ~800W total.
I will employ an 1350W P/S with six 200mm fans.


you just won’t be able to run SLI with all three cards, but yes you should be fine my friend. that’s a whole lotta cash. lol!!


i could be wrong. lol