GTX680 code 43 win10.

My system has been stable since installation 2 days ago. Today I turned it on to find my video drivers totally fubar. I have uninstalled. Reinstalled. Manually removed and registry cleaned left overs. I can get the drivers to work but when I restart Windows the drivers break again. I have Windows updates turned to manual ( or as close as possible)
Any fix or work around for this ?

Do you have more than one GPU in that system? Specifically I want to know about ALL GPUs, not just the GTX680, and not just NVIDIA GPUs. Is there any other GPU plugged in, or any intel or AMD GPU that is part of the motherboard?

Hi txbob. Yes I have a 3770k I7 which is running an onboard AMD GPU. I also have 2 monitor setup both running from the 680 one via hdmi and the other dvi-d

Win10 does not support mixed WDDM driver models when multiple GPUs are installed.

The latest R352 drivers are win10 drivers and (on Kepler, i.e. your GTX680) they are WDDM 2.0 drivers.

I suspect your AMD GPU driver is not a WDDM 2.0 driver.

You could try backing up to an R340 driver for your GTX680. That would revert it to WDDM 1.3 driver model, which might be compatible with whatever driver your AMD device is using. This is a win10 imposed restriction, that mixed-WDDM model devices are not supported.

ah i see, thank you for the response. i am curious if there will be a fix put out soon, or if i can perhaps switch of the AMD GPU in BIOS.
right now i have resulted to reinstalling the nvidia drivers each time i start my machine. works fine, but obviously not something i will want to do multiple times a day.

Sorry if im missing something simple, but after a bit of researching for R340 Drivers, not a lot shows up. Due to this im not sure how far back to go, in order to roll it back to a 1.3 driver model.

Again thank you for all the help, i am noticing this pop up a lot and you seem to be on the replying end to a lot of it. i am sure everyone appreciates you help as much as i do, and even if the resolution isnt simple, just knowing what the problem is really helps.

For GTX 680, this should be a suitable R340 driver for GTX680:

However I am not 100% sure that will work as desired. When the GPU mixture consists of NVIDIA GPUs, I’m fairly confident in the recommendation. However I’m not sure exactly which WDDM model the intel or AMD GPU drivers may conform to.