GTX970M power consumption during standby

I have a Sager NP8651 (rebranded Clevo P650SE) with a GTX970M. I’m currently running 64-bit Arch Linux with the latest kernel and the 352.21 drivers, but I’ve reproduced this error in the last two versions of Ubuntu and every nvidia driver release and kernel release since December.

What seems to be happening is that during standby (suspend to RAM), the GPU is not powering down properly. The computer gets very warm over the GPU (warmer than during operation, as the fan has turned off), and the battery drains completely in about 8 hours. The battery is fine, and will operate for the normal 4-ish hours when the computer is powered up as normal.

I have seen other people report similar issues. An example:

Any recommendations/suggestions/solutions?

This might actually be a more widespread kernel issue than just nvidia; I run Arch on a Dell Venue 11 Pro with an Intel 4300Y (Haswell graphics; HD 4200) and I’ve noticed that power consumption during standby is a little higher than I’d like as well – it’s nowhere near being drained fully after eight hours (it maybe loses about 15% in that much time), but seeing as I don’t have a power-hungry nVidia GPU in there, the numbers are plausible enough that it might actually be related.

Higher-than-expected power consumption during standby is pretty typical in Linux, in my experience, but I think this is quite a bit beyond that. I have an older Lenovo T61p with a Core 2 Duo and one of the mobile nvidia Quadro chipsets (equivalent of the 8600M, I think?). Standby will drain the battery in a couple of days, but if that one were a case of the graphics card not powering down as this one seems to be, it wouldn’t last more than about the same 8 hours, I think.