GTX980 terrible performance in games with 375.20 driver

I’m getting terrible performance with the 375.20 driver with my GTX 980. I’ve tested in both Rocket League and The Talos Principle and my framerates are much worse and more inconsistent than with the 375.10 driver. In Rocket League I’m getting sever hitching and my frame rate drops below 20 fps at some points. Previously with the 375.10 it would be steady at the in-game cap of 120 fps without any deviation. This makes the game completely unplayable. In Talos, my framerate would never go below 60, now I struggle in most areas to even hit 60 fps and my framerate bounces all over the place. There seems to be something severely wrong with this driver.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (299 KB)

This is most likely a known bug that was reported earlier. A fix in pending. Until the next 375.XX driver is released, please use 375.10.

Any ETA? Numerous games and programs do NOT work with 375.20 and downgrading has way to many dependancies to accomplish easily.

Would it be possible to get this added to the “Known issues” on the website. Currently the download page for this driver has a Known issues section, but only mentions an issue with resuming from suspend.