GUI doesn't work on Ubuntu 16.04

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit)
but GUI desktop doesn’t work.

mouse PC G-Tune
CPU : Intel Core-i7 7700HQ (4cores)
Mem : about 66 GB
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
OS : Ubuntu 16.04.01 by dualboot with Windows 10 Pro
kernel : Linux 4.8.0-45-generic #48

GNU GRUB is shown, and I can select Ubuntu entry.
But after that, nothing is displayed.

I tried…

  1. to change “Secure Boot” of UEFI security setting to [Disabled],
    but GUI doesn’t still run.

  2. to push “e” key after selecting Ubuntu in GNU GRUB,
    (& puth Ctrl + Alt + F1)
    but nothing works.

Is anyone who can solve this problem??