GUI not coming up, UART shows CLI login screen


Facing same issue. This issue is seen only when flashing from one of my host PC but not seen in other.

Both host machines are flashed with Ubuntu 18.04.

Is there any package dependencies that should be installed in the host machine?

Ashik P.

Is it possible to get a more concrete test result? For example, flash with host A with no problem and flash it again with the problematic host. And the desktop will be gone. Something like that.

If things are like that and can be repeated, I would suggest you can remove that package on your problematic host and let sdkmanager re-download it again.

I didnt get this?

Sdkmanager will install the BSP package called “Linux_for_Tegra” on your host and that package includes the file system that gets flashed to your board.

If the rootfs in that folder has something wrong, then no matter how many times you flash the board, it will always have problem.

Thus, my suggestion is you just remove it. Let sdkmaanger download a fresh one and you use that package to flash the board.

Is it clear now?

Sry for the confusions,I am using the script and not the sdk manager.

Same. Delete the Linux_for_Tegra and re-download the whole BSP again…

The reason I said “Sdkmanager” is because I am sure sdkmanager may not download the wrong file while you might get something wrong when preparing the BSP folder manually.

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