GUI not loading properly after nVidia Driver Install


I’m trying to configure a RHEL 7 VM with a Tesla M10 vGPU. I’ve successfully installed the driver in the ESXi host and the RHEL 7 VM. I’m also able to get the card details via nvidia-smi in both the host and VM. I’ve blacklisted and disabled the nouveau driver and I’ve (manually) configured X to use the nVidia driver instead of the nouveau driver. When I boot up the VM the UI seems to start up (you can see the RHEL 7 wallpaper) but it never shows the user list or prompts for credentials. It just hangs, only showing the RHEL 7 wallpaper. It seems like something must be off as the expectation after installing the driver is to open the nVidia X Server Settings app (which I can’t do without a functioning UI). I can successfully SSH to the VM.

Any ideas on what might be wrong?


It seems our problem does not resolve here.