I would like to write a C/C++ GUI for my .cu program. I will draw a tree base on the data generated from .cu program. Buttons, textarea, image plane may be included. Any idea of how to do it?


Or has anyone had have a chance to try using Java/JNI to write user interface, then call cuda routines?

Take a look at Trolltech’s Qt. It should have what you need.

Qt is probably the best choice, but if the license doesn’t fit you, you may try wxwidgets.

Thirded. Qt is a pleasure to program and use, if only for the elegance of implementation.

I am actually using JNI to do it. Cause I think it may be easier to make graphics in Java.

Wish I knew more, but let us know if you find anything. Java and CUDA is dangerous but interesting waters.

fltk ( is also nice, if you need a small, portable and simple user interface with good OpenGL interoperability.