[Guide] Install Fish shell on Jetson Nano

Full detailed Video & Text guide => Document

  1. Check your system version
    lsb_release -a and read the Codename

  2. Download fish-shell
    Go to Packages in “fish shell - 3.x release series” : fish shell - 3.x release series : “Fish shell maintainers” team and get the package with your Codename.

  3. Install the fish-shell
    sudo apt install ./your_fish_shell.deb

  4. Check your installation.
    You can type fish in the console and it will switch to fish-shell

  5. Make fish-shell your default shell.
    So switch back to bash by typing bash
    And now chsh -s $(which fish), and it will make fish your default shell.

You can now reopen your terminal, and you will see good nice looking fish :)