[GUIDE] Ubuntu 20, CUDA, PyTorch on Jetson TX2!


G’day from Australia!

The Monash Nova Rover team have designed their own TX2 carrier board, and I was lucky enough to be involved in both the hardware and software sides of the project.

After many months of learning we have managed to put together a working installation of Ubuntu 20, by upgrading from an existing Ubuntu 18 installation - and have compiled PyTorch v1.10.0 with Python3.8 and CUDA 10.2!

You can find the guide here, I hope it is useful to you.. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Many many thanks to all of you in the forums here, especially @linuxdev (you are a local legend amongst our team), and we couldn’t have placed 2nd in the International Rover Competition without you.

All the best,


Hi @leighleighleigh, great work and congratulations on your competition - thanks for posting this with your detailed write-up!

Moving this post to the Jetson Projects forum for visibility.