GVDB From density maps to VBX


I’m currently taking a look at GVDB to implement a custom solution of 3D rendering for tomographic data.

For those unfamiliar with the topic, I simply have a collection of slices (2D images) with density values at each pixels. Parts of those data being sprarse, I think GVDB may be the solution for an on-the-edge renderer.

My problem is the VBX conversion. I’ve read the file specification ( https://github.com/NVIDIA/gvdb-voxels/blob/master/GVDB_FILESPEC.txt ) but i’m still having an hard time figuring out how to do the conversion from my slices to this file spec.

If i’m not mistaken, VBX is a derivative form of the VDB file. Woul it be easier to convert my data into VDB and then let GVDB handle the VDB-VBX conversion?

Are there papers/open souce initiatives on this subject?