H.265 and H.264 What would you suggest for the following scenario ?

We have about more than 22 “MonoChrome” GigE Vision Cameras streaming video with 1280x1024 resolution, (8bit/10bit). Data is captured by network card and we would like to use the most suitable technology available out there (Pascal/Maxwell/ Intel QuickSync etc) to encode those streams with 30fps rate.
I was wondering which pass would you pick ? also so far what I read is talking about YUC and I am not sure I am following it, does H.265 works fine with Monochrome images ?

  1. 10-bit encoding is supported on Pascal, only for HEVC. Therefore, if you need to perform 10-bit encoding, you’ll need to use one of the Pascal boards.

  2. Monochrome encoding is not supported in the GPU. If the decoder/receiver in your system is in your control, you can use standard YUV encoding capability but provide arbitrary chroma values to the encoder and discard them at the receiver/decoder side.

  3. Use one of the latest GP10x card having 2 NVENCs which will provide high throughput. For list of available GPUs, please see https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix#Encoder

Awesome! thanks for the info!
Can I use two GTX 1080 instead of Quadro p5000 ? (Limited budget)

Yes you can, but note that systems with GeForce board are limited to 2 simultaneous encoding sessions (may not be suitable for your use-case).

Thanks, can you elaborate Monochrome encoding a little more? I am not sure how I can discard at the decoder site?