H.265 (HEVC) encoder throughput

In the NV_Jetson_Xavier_NX_DataSheet_v0.1 (chapter 1.7.2 Multi-Standard Video Encoder) it says that
the H265 encoder can encode 2 streams of 2160p 30 fps.
Can it then encode 1 stream of 2160p 60 fps ?
It also says that the max throughput is 2 streams of 464 MP/s does it imply that it can encode 1 stream of 464 x 2 Mp/s ?

More details about our application:

According to the spec, the H.265 (HEVC) encoder is capability is:
Profile: Main
Resolution (Max Number of Streams) : 2160p30 (2) | 1080p60 (6) | 1080p30 (14)
Throughput (up to) (2x) 464 MP/s
We have a video of 5024 x 3040 x 60 fps = 916 MPps which is a bit less than throughput capablity of the encoder,
but the frame sizes and rates in the spec do not match our frame size and rate.
Given that we can compromise the size a little bit (but not the frame rate) how can we utilize most of the throughput of the encoder ?


No, it is not supported. There are two hardware encoder blocks and each one can achieve 4Kp30 in h265 encoding. So can run 2 instances of 4Kp30 and cannot run single instance of 4Kp60.

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