H264 files recorded with PX2 can not be replayed with AGX sample_camera_replay


we have been recording h264 videos on PX2, using provided dw serializer. When we try to replay those videos on AGX with sample_camera_replay the video freezes with:
([6-12-2018 16:37:50] CameraNvMedia: no seek table found at 0_2camIdx.h264.seek, seeking is not available.
Camera image with 1920x1208 at 30.000000 FPS
[6-12-2018 16:37:50] DecoderNvMedia: Dropped frame, not enough display buffers.
[6-12-2018 16:37:50] DecoderNvMedia: Dropped frame, not enough display buffers)

But when replayed on PX2 with the same provided sample it works!

do you know what can be the problem?

Dear anja,

I played h264 files recorded on DPX2 without problems on Drive AGX.
Could you let me know you’re using PDK version of Drive AGX?
And could you provide the recording h264 videos on PX2 if possible? Thanks.


I’m using the PDK version of Drive AGX. I tried again and noticed that it is working for the smaller size videos, up to 1Gb, but when I try to play a video ~20Gb it freezes with the error I said.

I saw that fps displayed are ~180, is maybe that the problem of the buffer error?

Dear anja,

Could you please share the video ~20Gb you tested?
We will check this symptom with the file. Thanks.

Hi anja,

Could you share the video ~20Gb you tested for us to do the investigation?