H264 standard version

I want to parse h264 bitstream output, but I do not know which H.264 standard does nvenc output follow? Because there are many H.264 standard versions, so I am confused. Can anyone tell me which version does nvenc use? Thanks a lot! My nvenc version is 8.1

Can you please clarify below questions to help us understand your issues better?

  1. When you say “My nvenc version is 8.1”, do you mean Video Codec SDK 8.1? And do you want to know which Video Codec SDK version(s) are capable of decoding the H264 bitstream generated by Video Codec SDK 8.1?

  2. What exactly you mean by "which H.264 standard does nvenc output follow "? The profiles and levels supported by NVENC and NVDEC for supported codecs are listed in Table 1 of NVENC and NVDEC application note respectively, please refer to then in the SDK package or online documentation linked here. Bitstream generated by NVENC across SDK versions is always decodable by reference JM decoder.

Hope this helps.