H265 Height Issue

I’m having a problem on the Jetson Nano decoding H265.

I need to be able to do a full 4096x4096 like H264 can.

Using the basic video_decode sample I can only go to 4096x4064 with H265.
4065 and higher just return solid green frames.

The maximum resolution is 4K 3840x2160. Resolutions higher than it may not work properly and trigger stability issue. We would suggest use standard resolution 3840x2160.

I would size my input to match 3840x2160; however, the hardware decoder doesn’t support YUV444.
If you try you get “NvMediaParserParse Unsupported Codec”

The supported YUV420 is throwing away chroma. This trick is often suitable for casual video, it isn’t in my case.
I’m using larger dimension inputs to produce a high fidelity 3840x2160 chroma output.

Trying for anything larger than 4096 causes video_decode to say:
“NVDEC_TVMR: Given resolution i x j not supported, Max supported resolution is 4096 x 4096”

I need as many input pixels as possible and would like to be able to hit the 4096 in height.

There is a secondary use case where the input is essentially a giant lookup table, and it most assuredly needs 4096x4096 to maintain compatibility with existing assets and workflows.