H265 live streaming to Youtube

Anyone who have tried to stream video to Youtube with h265 protocol?

I have tried hlssink, but with no success to stream via HTTP

It may not be clear to know what the usecase is. Please share more information. Other users may have similar experience to give suggestion. And is it specific to h265? Or it also fails in h264 encoding?

Thanks, DaneLLL

Currently the RTMP Protocol only support h264, which has a limitation of 4096 in image width.

My use-case is to live stream a 180 degree field of view.

Youtube support 360 deg. live streaming, This gives 2048 in width for the 180 deg. image I’m processing. This is a huge constraint on the quality of the image, where I’m rather looking at having a width of 4000-6000.

Two options:

  • Find a way to encode so that Youtube interpretes the stream as a 180 deg, and not 360 video
  • Use h265 which allows higher resolution

Youtube supports h265 through HLS, and that’s why I tried the hlssink

Im trying a stream where the sink is:

… hlssink location=https://a.upload.youtube.com/http_upload_hls?cid=$STREAM_KEY&copy=0&file=

where the STREAM_KEY is my Youtube key

For information, h265 hardware encoder also has the limitation of 4096 in width. You would need to have width < 4096.