Had Nano working fine, until sdk manager

The “update” breaks the nano in several ways. First, it creates only a 15 GB image that it shoves onto the nano, completely ignoring the rest of the 128 GB SD card. Even when you reboot -before- you let it start downloading all the good stuff, the resize script FAILS, leaving the SD card only using that 15 GB. And you can’t move or resize anything with gparted due to those teeny partitions not having recognizable filesystems (by gparted.) So, if you continue to download all the goodies, CUDA and etc., even THAT breaks when the 15 GB image reaches 77% full with no error message except, “Error: download failed.”

Please, nVidia, fix this.

Completely ignoring all the previous work and software that I had already downloaded onto the Nano.

We will help check. Please try to use Etcher to install the sdcard first.

hello Skypuppy,

there’s known issue that device size is restricted to 14 GB when using flash.sh to write to an SD card.
you might refer to Topic 1056007 and also Topic 1050105 for the steps to extend the usage.

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I used etcher successfully on your pre-build image for the Nano. However, I don’t know how to use etcher to with sdk manager. There is one thread that discusses it but it makes no sense to me at all.

hello Skypuppy,

please refer to my comments as below,

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you’ll need to run “create-jetson-nano-sd-card-image.sh” script files to create image blob. Etcher tool just a 3rdparty tool to install the image blob to your sdcard.

Following below steps to create APP partition at the end of the disk, and latest resizing service will take care of resizing to occupy the un-allocated memory of the SD card.

sudo ./create-jetson-nano-sd-card-image.sh -o sd-blob.img -s 16G -r 100
Using Etcher tool and select “sd-blob.img” image -> select SDcard -> Flash
After completed flash, plug-in SD Card to boot up Jetson-Nano
Using SDK manager to install JetPack components

Reference topic:

Where can I get create-jetson-nano-sd-card-image.sh script?



Hi sakthikrishna.b,

The latest JetPack-4.4 DP already fixed this issue.
You don’t need run this script.
You can get this script from JetPack-4.2.3, script file is in Linux_for_Tegra folder.

I have JetPack 4.4 and SDK Manager and the same issue.