Hair is not perfectly exported to USD

Hair that looks good in CC 3.4 is not exported perfectly to USD.

Check these out - in Machinima Path-traced renders:

Can you see that seam in hear line? There is no such error visible in CC.

From distance it looks just fine:

I tried this with a more pro hair asset, “Classic Bun” the issue remains, now it looks like there is a black thin line…

Here we have it just nice in CC:

Please help to get over with this?

Hi pekka.varis,
I don’t have the same hair in hand, the seam is caused by the scalp.
You can uncheck the “cutout” checkbox in path-traced mode to solve it, as shown by the 2 following screenshots.

In real-time mode, it should be checked and increase the “Opacity threshold” value until it disappears.
You can refer to the post in Reallusion Forum for more details


Unticking that “Enable Opacity Cutout” option fixed this :)

But unfortunately only for the premium hair asset Classic Bun:

In the cc 3.4 free trial hair assets there is not this option in shader…
Is there something that could make this trick for these hair assets?

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which one are you referring to?
I think all of them have this attribute, although the material name may not be “scalp” exactly

It would be great if they all have that feature!

See this video:

The hair is this free CC3 embed hair:

in CC, before you export change hair’s mesh “scalp_high_polytail” type from “Digital_Human Hair” to “PBR”
then you should see the it

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SO nice :)
Thanks again weienchen

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